Welcome to my hobby web site

  Picture of Kota.This web site is a place where I can display some of my hobbies and interests. This web site itself is an interest I enjoy. My first attempt in 2000 was pretty crude but sufficed for 12 years until I was motivated again to take it from basic html to something more refined using Expression Web. As always it is a work in progress.

How was the name Hobbydog derived? It was trial and error trying to find a suitable domain name. Even in 2000, original domain names were hard to find. So with hobby in mind and my dog Kota sitting at my feet I gave that a try and hobbydog.net domain was available. Thus hobbydog.net was born.



  • Interest in Genealogy comes from my mom. From her I have obtained most of my information. I have taken these bits and pieces and loaded them into Family Tree Maker software which has allowed me to grow the base of information. I haven't done much with since my initial work in 2001 however I have kept my database updated as I receive new information. I look forward to producing some better photo albums of old photos.
  • I have also had an interest in WW II History. I have created a page in honor of my dad and the 102nd Infantry Division. It is here that I have a collection of information on the 102nd and related stories.
  • Photography is one of my more active hobbies now. It is another excuse to get out in the great outdoors and capture nature and wildlife in my favorite places.
  • I do not do a lot of Taxidermy anymore but still like to tan a few furs and do enjoy doing it when a good project comes along.
  • Starting with a Boy Scout trip in 1973 I did my first BWCA Canoe trip. Since then, many more trips to the BWCA area. More recently I enjoy going solo. It adds a whole new dimension to the experience. I have done solo trips in the BWCA, Whiteshell PP and Nopiming Provincial Park. Woodland Caribou PP is in the plans.
  • Hunting and Fishing kind of go without saying.

Photograph of Buddy.









I hope you enjoy the web site. Feedback is always welcome. I can be contacted via email at bill@hobbydog.net