This page has copies of Ozark Notes I have in my possession. It is far from a complete set and I do not have them all scanned in at this time. They are simple image scans and I do not have them converted to text so they are not searchable.

The pages are scanned as a jpeg and loaded into a simple slide show. Click on the links below and it should open the slideshow in a new tab.


April/June 2006 vol58 #3 Camp Swift, A very Cold Train Ride, San Francisco Chronicle, Hey Medic, Crossing the Roer, Odds of 34 to 1, Diary of a PFC

Jan/March 1993 December Suspense, Stolen Jeep Found, Back to war Zone, Fired Upon, History Bits from Company B, 405-Attack on Hottorf, To the Front

 April June 1994 vol46 #3 Reunion in Denver, Exodus Begins, Free time on our hands, best buddy visits, The Russians are Coming, Scared? H--- No, Ozark Officer captured now hears from German Officer,

July Sept 1994 vol46 #4 War Memories, The "State" of Thuringia, Tinkerbell, Former German POW

Oct Dec 1994 vol 47 #1  Buddy Field is Located, A journal of Cannon Company 406th, War Memories, Historically Speaking, Dinner Speech Gen Reed, Membership Report, 1994 Reunion

Jan March 1995 Vol 47 no 2 A happy horse, Mutual memories, The Captain's Christmas Letter, "Uncle Ben's" Revenge, Piano Concerto in G, Attack on Hondorf Germany Jan 25 1945, Our Welcome to Heerlen

April June 1995 Vol 47 #3  Prisoner of War, A brief history of the Hubertus Cross


















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