I got started on this hobby with tanning a few deer hides. My first attempts were not great. I then graduated to  squirrels, pheasants, grouse and then a deer mount. I have also tried a  few waterfowl mounts. Without any real artistic skills taxidermy has been class="imglft"fun but challenging. I do not do a lot of it anymore but still tan a few hides and an occasional deer mount.

Below are some links to some pages with basic instructions for getting started. With a small investment in some basic tools, taxidermy can be a relatively inexpensive hobby. For example, all the parts to do a deer mount costs less than $100. If the results are not great most of the parts can be reused on a different cape. I recommend starting simple and doing smaller deer for practice so you have it down for the trophy animal project. Skin birds, even if you don't plan on mounting them.

There are lots of "how to" videos on utube, often better than the videos you can purchase. 



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