If you plan to make leather, you must remove the hair or fur before you put the hide in the tanning solution. The proper time to do this is right after you have fleshed the hide. Make a de-hairing solution of warm soft water and add calcium hydroxide ( hydrated lime). The mixing ratio is one pound to every 10 gallons of water. This will do approximately 20 lbs. of hides


Place hides in the solution and stir as often as you can, several times a day. The hide is ready when the hair starts to slip or comes off easily. This will generally vary from 2 to 4 days, depending on the type and thickness of the hide and the temperature of the solution. Deer and antelope hides usually slip easily. When you are sure the hides are ready to slip, place it over you fleshing beam, hair side up. With your fleshing tool or even your hands you should be able to easily push the hair off. There may be some tough areas, return it to the solution for another day or so after removing as much hair as possible. Once all the hair is removed you are ready for de-liming and bating.


De-liming is the process of stopping the lime-action in the hide (an alkaline state). Bating replaces enzymes lost as a result of the lime action in the hide, allowing a more even tan.


For One Step De-Liming and Bating


Draw 10 gallons of water and add 8 oz. of Ammonium Sulfate (de-limer) and 4 oz. Of Oropon (bating).  Place hides in solution and tumble for several hours or let stand for 6 to 8 hours in a stationary vessel with frequent agitation. Rinse in clear water and proceed with the tanning process.



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